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There are three things in this world that will survive a nuclear explosion. Twinkies, cockroaches and Dean Ambroses.

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OMg, an idea just hit me. You know all these photos HHH has been posting with Steen, Kenta, Fergal, Zayn, Neville? It really comes off as if they’re HHH guys. What if they debut all of them or some to be HHH guys and protect Rollins from Ambrose, or just anything in general. Kinda like how Shield was to authority early on… they need these new guys to come up and make a big impact, just like Shield. They can’t just bring them up like  Dallas, Rose and Fandango, and now is a good time since DB, RR, and Punk are no longer in the game. (no pun intended, heh.)

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So Hideo Itami’s name is partly inspired by Naruto.

That’s what I immediately thought, actually. For those who don’t know, Itami means Pain in Japanese, and Pain is a character in Naruto. My favorite actually, so all the more reasons to like the guy.


The entire fandom is losing their shit because of the recent picture. But imagine when actual HD promotional pictures come out. Dean in his cop suit looking so real he could jump out of the picture and arrest you himself.

imagine watching the actual movie!!!

have a feeling it’s gonna do well since he’s insanely popular among wrestling fans.

10 Life ruiners (random order) | (1) Dean Ambrose 

ambruises asked: Do my eyes deceive me or have I found another person who believes that Tyler Breeze is something special?

No, he’s very special. Loved him the second I saw his debut photos. Love the gimmick, but best of all, he can also deliver in the ring, big time. He’s got it. Never thought I’d find someone I’d like as much as Ambrose, so that says a lot about Breeze.

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I wanna say good things about NXT Takeover II, but I don’t even know where to begin.

Gonna say this though, the phase and flow of the show was top notch. Wrestling wise it was the weakest of the three NXT PPVs, but booking-wise it was the best one. And when the booking is good and the stories are put well together, with logical and exciting development, nothing else really matters. That’s wrestling at it’s finest to me.

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I never gave a d a m n about you in the first place

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I don’t get this AJ/Paige story…

  1. First of all, did AJ ever officially turn face?
  2. This story is so forced, and disappointing for their characters. Why couldn’t they keep it simple? AJ: I’ve made this diva division my own, I’ve worked hard and I’ve changed the game, etc etc and Paige: I was born for this and I’m here to take it even further. A simple story of who’s better than who. That’s what the fans are discussing anyways… I see it everywhere actually. Some say Paige is better, and some AJ. And it doesn’t matter who’s heel and who’s face. Let the crowd decide for itself. NXT Paige don’t give a crap about “frenemies”. She’d bicker with her best opponent Emma, even when she had earned her respect after the match they had. She was a loner basically and didn’t give a crap.
  3. Paige on NXT was a badass. Remember when she said it’s all about titts and ass and how she’s gonna change that on her documentary video? Well, idk about you, but I’m seeing a lot of ass from her.
  4. how about instead of 15 writers and Vince booking this lame-ass story, you have one guy writing it like on NXT? Seriously can’t wait for HHH to take over.
  5. And where is Emma in all of this? What a waste of potential.
  6. Only positive is Nikki. She plays her heel role well, but damn this AJ/Paige story could’ve been one of the greatest diva feuds, and still can be, but for now, it’s just not exciting at all. I’m pretty sure even the guys wanted a badass story between them, and not this lesbo tease.
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Anonymous asked: do you know any good jon moxley urls?

The key to a good url is to not think the obvious. I see everyone with every version of the names, or *insertnamehere*lover/fan/holic or some shit like that… just not good. Think about some quotes of his from interviews, promos, one-worded lines….you might come up with something good.

The only good ones I’ve come up with are saved, so unfortunately I can’t give them out. Especially not on anon. Anyone can take it from you right away. PM me yourself, then I might actually bother coming up with something good.