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There are three things in this world that will survive a nuclear explosion. Twinkies, cockroaches and Dean Ambroses.

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deanarmbrose said:
why’d they have to give him a new nickname at all? he was always “the unpredictable dean ambrose” “the eccentric dean ambrose” “the wild card” etc when he was in the shield. even they’d be better than “lunatic fringe”

They feel like they have to brand everything…I guess today’s generation can’t define a guy without a stupid nickname.

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This is what Jason Powell wrote of Raw:

"WWE is clearly in a creative rut. This show was lifeless and I’m not seeing more than one or two programs that are positioned in a way that they could provide a spark. There’s John Cena and Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, and then everything else. WWE spent the last month selling viewers on a one match pay-per-view. It was bad enough that said match had a cheap finish, but one of the two competitors and the guy who holds the WWE World Heavyweight Champion wasn’t even around for Raw the next night. Vince McMahon must pay more attention to his mid- and undercard. With three hours to fill every Monday, the top programs can only take up so much time, particularly when Lesnar is working limited dates. The half-hearted approach to “everything else” is very noticeable and makes so much of it feel like filler. If Vince can’t be bothered to focus more on the overall show, then it’s time for him to let someone else focus on the mid-card and let that person pick a few wrestlers to protect so they don’t get derailed because Vince needs someone to feed to Cena in a throwaway television match. Something has to change because the last month of Raw television is about as dull as it gets.”

He put it so nicely I had to share.

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Forgot to mention how much I hate Ambrose’ “lunatic fringe” nickname.

Just go back and listen to Cole saying it at the start of the show. Sounds lame as hell.

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Boy did Raw suck. People sit through it for three hours because they’ve nothing better to do, right?

Couple of things here…

  1. No focus on the WWE WHC title. Makes perfect sense. And this is the only title they give a shit about.
  2. Rematches…they sure make PPVs special don’t they? Not to mention they give away the matches BEFORE the fucking PPV, holyshit. If Roman didn’t get injured, why the hell would I want to see him vs Rollins when they already had a match at Raw with a clean finish?
  3. Hey, WWE, frequent title changes LOSES THE CREDIBILITY OF THE CHAMPION. Imagine that!
  4. Why debut a guy like Bo Dallas when you don’t believe him to be your next big star? Same with Emma, Rose, Fandango, etc. Why should I be excited to see Tyler Breeze debut???
  5. Paige just lost her title, and she’s no longer AJ’s friend. Great storyline progression, WWE. I’d do the same if I lost a title I care so much about. I’d do nothing. Remember when she was cool in NXT? Remember when everyone thought she’d take WWE by storm? Me neither. What does it take for them to make a big star out of another Diva like they did with AJ? How insecure is Vince, really? Zero confidence in the new talents.
  6. What happened to the Wyatts? Is there no time for them in a three hour show?

Just an awful, uninspiring, lazy and boring show.

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